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Trees require special care on golf courses. Many trees are designed to be part of the course by the few award winning designers. At ArborTrue we have the knowledge and expertise to care for any kind of tree in any situation.

Bradford Phillips
Owner/Lead Arborist

Certification Number: TX-3850A

Lightning protection systems are popular with golf courses because they work so well in protecting the most valuable plant assets of the game.

Golf course trees will encounter stress from herbicides as well. Trees that are off color or loosing foliage at the wrong time of year may have been damaged from commonly applied broad leaf herbicides that keep the greens and fairways weed free. Trees are weeds.

Fairway and green reconstruction projects can change drainage and compact root systems. Be sure to consult with an Arborist to understand the impacts.

The most valuable trees on the course are the obstacle trees. These trees should be insured, {inventoried}, {appraised}, inspected, and protected from lightning. 

If you are a course manager and perhaps have a resident along the course that believes a tree is endangering their home, {give us a call} and an ArborTrue arborist can perform a risk assessment and document it for you.

Did you know ArborTrue has experts in greens management and soil biology? We can stop and reverse the black layer caused by successive applications of soil sterilizing chemicals. You can save your course millions of dollars in reconstruction by making a couple changes to your program.

Diseased trees can fall over with no notice. ArborTrue can take a small sample from every potential hazard tree and test it for pathogens that are not showing symptoms yet. That a powerful tool that can help reduce liability exposure.

Annual tree inspections should be done without exception. ArborTrue is often involved as an expert witness in negligence lawsuits. You can save yourself the worry and disastrous outcomes of litigation by simply having your trees inspected by an ISA Certified Arborist from ArborTrue.

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