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Did you know that trees can be appraised for value just like a home, car, or other assets? The Counsel of Tree and Landscape Appraisers created the “Guide for Plant Appraisal” which is the respected source for appraisals by the courts, the IRS, insurance companies, and real estate professionals.

Bradford Phillips
Owner/Lead Arborist

Certification Number: TX-3850A

Did you know that if your tree is hit by a car that you can be compensated by drivers insurance? Trees are much more valuable than you may think. Take for example a 20” Live Oak in your front yard; the replacement value for such a tree is $40,806.78. That a real number and it’s enforceable. 

Trees can easily make up 10% of your property value and don’t have to accept a loss.

There are many situations where a tree appraisal will come in handy. Some of these include tree vandalism, trees cut without permission, theft of timber, damage caused by unauthorized pruning, negligence, neighbors cutting roots, over pruning, and of course car crashes.

What if a builder damaged your tree that he/she was required to protect? There is a value for that too. Most trees have some value and many trees have very high values. Never let an insurance company tell you what they will pay, put ArborTrue in your corner. Our Arborists are the best in business and we can back that up. We are regularly retained in large and small lawsuits and our owners have even authored legislation at the state level. Literally nobody knows more. 

Need a tax deduction and you lost some trees this year? We can appraise the lost value for you give your CPA.

Do you have a commercial property or GolfCourse? You may even be able to insure your trees at replacement value if you have a tree appraisal from ArborTrue.

Perhaps you want to inventory and appraise your trees for a last will and testament or to know the full market value before selling a property. A tree appraisal from ArborTrue will help show the value of your trees and property.

Municipalities and home owners associations can use tree appraisals to collect from reckless drivers and vandals. Trees provide many values not only to individual property owners but to entire neighborhoods and cities. Here are some of the ways that trees add value entire geographic regions. 

  • Intercepting Storm Water
  • Carbon Sequestration
  • Conserving Energy
  • Removing Atmospheric Contaminants
  • Improving Physical and Mental Health of Residents
  • Increasing Social Capital

Haven’t heard of this process? It may seem relatively new but in reality the first respected appraisal formula was generated in 1916. The subsequent 9 editions that have been published have come about through case law and rigorous scrutiny. 

Rest assured, with an ArborTrue Arborist you are in great hands.

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