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ArborTrue Tree Sevice of Houston are certified Tree Experts “Arborists” who are experienced, knowledgeable, and equipped to cure ailing trees. If you suspect you’re experiencing tree or shrub disease or an insect infestation contact us without delay. We can perform a thorough diagnosis of your plants to determine the proper treatment before your investment is lost. The following are areas of focus that we are able to assist you with your tree care.

Tree Doctor | Arborist Consultation

Sometimes trees in Houston need a little help too! Construction damage, diseases, drought, pest and mechanical injuries can be devastating to trees when neglected and an ISA Certified Arborist may be necessary. Not just any self proclaimed “Tree Doctor” is sufficient. The practice of Arboriculture requires extensive knowledge in Plant Nomeclature, Tree Biology, Physiology, Pruning, Removals, Safety, Soil types, Plant Pathology, Pest Control and much more. Very few tree companies are able to offer the necessary knowledge and expertise required to correctly diagnose what is going on with your tree. ArborTrue Tree Service Of Houston has all of the knowledge that you need and is looking forward to spending time with you to help explain in detail the necessary course of action.

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"At ArborTrue our primary concern is to save your valuable tree in Houston TX. If it becomes necessary to remove a tree, we use the least impact to your property. If dead or dangerous trees threaten your Kingwood property please contact us without delay."

Tree Removal

If you are facing an emergency situation that is related to a falling or fallen or dying tree, then ArborTrue is your ultimate choice for any kind of tree removal project, small or large. Offering enduring, on time and fully guaranteed tree removal services and solutions to the residents of Houston all across the Northern and Northeastern Houston areas, we are a full service tree company, well known among our customers for offering a diverse range of services. Backed by years of experience in highly recognized tree services, including tree removal, ArborTrue Tree Service Of Houston is your perfect choice for any kind of hazardous tree service, which is carried out in a safe, professional and expert manner. With locations near you you can be sure we can get to your tree removal in Houston fast and on time.

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Tree Trimming And Pruning

At ArborTrue we specialize in pruning trees that have overgrown their urban environment. In addition, our service team is well trained in handling tree pruning tasks by using the right technique, especially while making pruning cuts.

If there is a single cut done at the wrong place, it can cause permanent damage to the tree or even shorten its life. Hence, we adopt the safety guidelines that are cited by the ISA.

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Stump Grinding And Removal

At ArborTrue, we are aware that the need for stump grinding may arise when a tree is cut and removed. If you are facing any kind of problem caused by a fallen tree that is only half cut, then call us right away at (832) 980-8733 so that we can arrive at your place shortly and offer viable and fast-paced solutions.

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Tree Planting

The number one reason that newly planted trees don’t live is because of improper planting. The second reason is because of improper watering. Planting with a purpose knowing when, what, where, and how to plant is essential to a tree’s life span.

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Deep Root Fetilization For Trees

There are times when nutrients may be absent from a soil and can adversely effect trees health. Once a soil sample is taken and laboratory analysis is complete a comprehensive tree care plan can begin. Often times this will involve deep root feeding. Deep Root Feeding is the most effective method for delivering essential nutrients to trees. Our ISA Certified Arborists at ArborTrue are the best in the business when it comes to feeding your trees!

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Treating Pine Bark Beetles

Although small, the Southern Pine Bark Beetle attacks the tree in large numbers so that the number of bore holes in the tree is in the hundreds to thousands. Ultimately the vascular layer of the tree is interrupted to the extent that nutrients are no longer able to make it to the trees foliage and the tree dies. This takes as little as 14 days from the time of entry. By the time you notice the infestation it may have already been 10 days or more.

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    Houston, the most populous city in the Southern United States, is located along the upper Texas Gulf Coast. The city's topography is very flat, making flooding a recurring problem for its residents. This extra water can wreak havoc on trees and shrubs in the area. Combine the threat of severe storms and hurricanes and Houston can be a tough place for trees. The help of a professional arborist can help keep trees healthy and safe and give them abetter chance of making it through tough times.

    Common Tree Species In Houston TX:

    • American Sycamore
    • Bald Cypress
    • Black Gum
    • Bur Oak
    • Cedar Elm
    • Cherrybark Oak
    • Green Ash
    • Laurel Oak
    • Live Oak
    • Pecan
    • Post Oak
    • Shumard Oak
    • Southern Magnolia
    • Sugarberry/Hackberry
    • Swamp Chestnut Oak
    • Sweetgum
    • Water Oak
    • Willow Oak
    • Winged Elm

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